Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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About the coffeehouse

What are your hours? ..... 5:30 am to 7:00 pm; plus event times.

Our general hours are 5:30 am to 7:00 pm.

On show nights we may close the dining room early to setup and do sound check, but the coffee counter and patio remain open to the public. We then re-open the dining room a half hour before the posted showtime for ticketed customers.

Do you have food? ..... Yes.

We have all the sorts of things you would expect a coffeehouse to have like Bagels and Croissants, plus an assortment of other items like Chicken Pot Pies, Meatball Pies, Quiche Pies, Sandwiches, Salads, and Deserts.

We will be putting a menu online in the not too distant future.

Do you have WiFi? ..... Yes!

We provide free isolated/encrypted WiFi for our customers.

Do you have alcohol? ..... Not yet.

While we may apply for a Beer & Wine license soon, we are committed to remaining all ages, so we are working on having enough of a food menu that we can get a “Beer & Wine with Food” restaurant type license. There are no plans to have a full liquor license.

Do you have parking? ..... Yes.

We have 20 spaces in our parking lot.
There are 9 spaces available on the street in front of Brick 15.
There are spaces available on both 9th and 10th streets on either side of us.

About performing

How do I get booked to play at Brick 15? .... By sending your portfolio information to our booking manager.

For booking information please check out our Booking Page.

We do not except booking requests:

  • in person
  • over the phone
  • by instant messager
  • via social media post

Do you have an open Mic? ..... Yes! Every Tuesday at 7pm.

We take our community outreach very seriously, and are working hard to make our Open Mic one of the best. This is an individual Open Mic, original material encouraged.
Names go in the hat at 6:30.
List is drawn at 7:00 pm and the show begins.

We are currently allowing two songs per person, or two 5 min spoken word/etc pieces.